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Colour Consultation for Men & Women

Psychologists have long established that colour is the first thing noticed about a person’s appearance. While wearing an unflattering colour may not be fatal, it can seriously damage your image.

By wearing the colours that best suit you, you will appear healthier, younger, more alert and energetic.

During your COLOUR CONSULTATION you will receive a laminated swatch with your 50 best colours and a personalised 38 page e-booklet with all your colour information. Not only will you learn what clothing colours best suit you, but the right colours for your make-up will also be recommended (female consultation) and your face shape determined to help you select flattering hairstyles and eye wear.

RRP $250 for a 90min individual consultation.
Group consultations for 3-4 people are also available to suit all budgets.

A Colour Consultant Gift Voucher also makes a great gift for the person with everything!

If you have always wanted to have your “colours done” or just want to benefit from the huge impact and edge that wearing the right colours can have on your appearance, contact Cathy, Colour Consultant Northern Beaches today.
Contact Cathy on ph. 0421 186 581
Alternatively, email your enquiry to:

Style Consultation for Men & Women

Discover styles, lengths, accessories, scale and proportions that enhance your body, dressing personality and lifestyle. If you are sick of wasting money on clothes you don’t like or don’t wear, are tired of looking less than your best, or want to look younger/ slimmer/ older/ heavier, then a STYLE CONSULTATION is for you.

100% custom made for your unique body shape and including current fashion styles & trends, your Style Consultation will help you discover what does & does not work for YOUR shape. Both Female & Male versions include recommendations such as great, good, good only if worn a certain way & of course garments to avoid.


The Female version includes recommendations for garments from underwear to coats, dresses to suits, lengths to lingerie, hairstyles to eyewear, necklines to shoes.

The Male version includes recommendations for ideal suits, jackets, coats, business shirts/ tops, and pants/ shorts.


Line & design, pattern/ colour coordination and personality of dress are taught and discussed in both Female & Male consultations. In fact nothing is left out!

In the end you’ll look and feel great, be able to shop quickly and effectively and your wardrobe will change from a source of daily frustration to a user-friendly and co-ordinated selection of clothes ready to take you anywhere at anytime.


If you have been thinking about a “new look”, want to give yourself an image make-over or just need a little guidance, a Style Consultation by Cathy Neich, Style Consultant Northern Beaches is for you.


RRP $250 for a 90min individual consultation.
An Image Consultant Gift Voucher also makes a great gift for the person with everything! So what are you waiting for? The new version of you is only a style appointment away.

Contact Cathy on ph. 0421 186 581
Alternatively, email your enquiry to:

Group Colour & Style Consultations – Bring A Friend For Half Price

The only thing better than investing in a colour & style image make-over, is sharing the experience with a friend or loved one.  Twice the fun & cost effective in the current economic client!  Group consultations are held every weekend or by appointment. If you would like to:

• shop & buy clothes with ease,Event_Web2

• know what colours best suit you,

• dress perfectly for your body shape,

• create a mix n match wardrobe on a budget,

• choose accessories & hairstyles to suit your face shape

then a group colour & style make-over is for you.  You will receive your personal 60+ colour swatch & e-colour booklet and your personalised style solutions shopping guide containing all the styles of clothes that do & don’t suit you (including colour illustrations).  Face shape determination and your best make-up colours are also included.

Total Investment $475.  2nd person pays $237.50.  Duration 4 hours for 2 pax. Email Cathy to Book your make-over appointment today ph. 0421 186 581

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